Social Work & its Characteristics, Knowledge-Skills-Values of SW

Social Work & its Characteristics, Knowledge-Skills-Values of SW

Man lives in society. It is the collection of individuals united by certain relations or mode of behaviour which mark them off from others who do not enter into these relations or who differ from in behaviour. It is also a complex web of social relations. This relation is the result of interaction of social people. Society is changeable. When social people can’t keep pace with social change properly, they face, especially in industrialized society, multifarious problems which require professional, knowledge based & sustainable solution. To meet these problems effectively, social work has been emerged.

Concept of Social Work
Social work is a helping profession which fundamentally and radically aims to assist the individuals, groups and community to cope with their complex socio-economic psychological problems through enabling themselves so that they can solve their problem by helping themselves. According to one of the great pioneer Walter A Friedlander, social work methods are divided into two parts. These are: 
Basic methods: It includes another three parts such as (1) social case work (2) social group work (3) community social work. 
Auxiliary methods: It also includes 3 parts. These are - (1) social action (2) social administration (3) social research. 
Social work is a concept of the social science of doing well for each other personally as well as collectively. It refers to a collective approach of reducing suffering and disadvantages and increasingly happiness and advantages of the community members with the active participation and involvement of individuals as well as government and Non-government organisation. 
Current definition is given by Social Scientists Skidmore & Thakery. They said, “Social Work may be defined as an art, a science a profession that helps people to solve personal, group and community problems and to attain satisfying personal, group and community relationship through social work practice including case work and community organization, administration and research.”
Social work provides service for the problematic person just like the following:  Every profession has its knowledge and practice on the basis of which the professionals of that profession engage them in human service, and on the basis of their knowledge and educational activities. In the same way social workers have to practice social work on the basis of social work educational activities. 
High lighting the theoretical side W.A. Friedlander said, “Social work is a professional service based upon scientific knowledge and skill in human relations, which assists individual alone or in groups to obtain social and personal satisfactions and independence.

Characteristics of Social Work
1)    Social Work is a commitment of social betterment. 
2)    A goal of enhance social function 
3)    An action orientation 
4)    An application to human diversity 
5)    A versatile practice perspective 
Aims & Objectives of Social Work
1)    To promote effective & human service system 
2)    To enhance problem solving, coping & development capacities, 
3)    To link people with resources, services & opportunities, 
4)    To develop & improve social policy 
5)    Caring, curing & changing the society. 
Three rings of Social Work

There are three main concept of social work which is must for practice knowledge, values & skills. It is called “Three Rings of Social Work”. 
o    General social work knowledge 
o    Knowledge about specific practice setting 
o    Knowledge about specific practice agency 
o    Knowledge about specific client 
o    Knowledge about specific contact 
o    Basic helping skills, 
o    Engagement skills 
o    Observation skills 
o    Communication skills 
o    Empathy skills 
o    Recognition of the worth & dignity of individual 
o    Self determination 
o    Equal opportunity for all 
o    Social responsibility 
o    Total outlook of life 
o    Individual freedom 
o    Mutual tolerance & respect 
o    Democratic right 
o    Self reliance 
o    Mutual help 
o    Dignity of labour 
o    Utilization of resources 

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