Targets for the 7th FYP in Bangladesh

Targets for the 7th FYP in Bangladesh

The Government has set a target to reduce the fertility rate to 2.0 by the end of the plan implementation period. This target is close to the low scenario among the projections. Although this can be viewed as ambitious, it is undoubtedly achievable with diligent action on all fronts. Apart from the TFR target, other targets in the population sub-sector are as follows:

1.     Increase Contraceptive Prevalence Rate from 62.4% to 75%.
2.     Reduce unmet demand of eligible couples for FP supplies from 12% to 10%.
3.     Reduce discontinuation rate of contraceptive rate from 30% to 20%.
4.     Increase contraceptive prevalence rate to arrest population growth by making services and contraceptives available to people at minimum cost and using door to door service wherever required
§  Promote delay in marriage and child bearing, use of post-partum FP and FP for appropriate segments of population;
§  Strengthen FP awareness building efforts through Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities with special emphasis on mass communication and considering local specificities;
§  Use different service delivery approaches (including domiciliary services) for different geographical regions and segments of population having low CPRs;
§  Register eligible couples with particular emphasis on urban areas to establish effective communication and counselling;
§  Compensate for lost wages for long acting and permanent method contraceptive performance; 
§  Strengthen FP services especially post-partum and post abortion FP and demand generation through effective coordination of services with DGHS; and
§  Strengthen advocacy for male participation in permanent and other methods of contraception.

§  Create awareness of all relevant ministries of their roles in population management with MoHFW as the lead Ministry

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