Content of Social Group Work Records

Content of Social Group Work Records

A social work record refers to a written or electronic document that contains client information, professional observations, clinical decisions, intervention strategies, and outcomes generated throughout the delivery of social work services.

Identifying Information about the group

§  Name of the group;

§  Place, Time & Physical setting of the meeting;

§  Members Present & Absent;

§  New Members; 

§  Observation /Remarks

Member’s participation by name

§  Role performed;

§  Conversation did;

§  Talks Began;

§  Views expressed;

§  Sequence of participation in activities;

§  Special            contributions made;

§  Interaction type, level, duration &      creativeness took place;

§  Emotional quality of participation

Description of the group as a whole

§  General atmosphere in the group – Formal, Informal, Competitive, Co-operative,Hostile, Supportive, Permissive, any other;

§  Quantity & Quality of the work completed by the group; 

§  Participation of           group members – mostly all /few members talked and participated,             supported others, took sides /dominated group etc.;

§  Positive & Negative responses;

§  Members feelings about their group;

§  Groups status in the agency

Description of the group problems

§  Conflict or fight –Nature, Type, Reason, Involvement level;

§  Apathy –Nature, Level and possible causes;

§  Inadequate decision making

The Relationship & the role of the group worker

§  Material provided by the worker;

§  Arrangements made;

§  Agency            help taken;

§  Suggestions given;

§  Techniques used for problem solving;

§  Worker‘s participation in group process

Special Assistance given

§  Member‘s name;

§  Problem;

§  Nature of assistance


§  Evaluation of program activities;

§  Evaluation of group    members participation;

§  Evaluation of the worker’s role

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