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Md. Mohinuddin

 Researcher | Copywriter | Counsellor

Phone: +8801518342550
e-Mail: mohinuddin4all@yahoo.com
Address: 113 Mirhazirbag, Jatrabari, Dhaka

Career Objective: "……. to work in a respective organization that will help to build a career in the research and education field."


Work Experiences

  1. Worked as a Research Fellow in Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) in the project "Women’s participation in the reproductive health decisions of the char areas in Bangladesh: A study on Bhuapur riverine area in Tangail." (Dec 20- Dec 21)
  2. Worked as a Research Assistant in a PhD Project of Jagannath University, Dhaka and assisted in data collection through a survey questionnaire in the project “Social capital and livelihood of the elderly in rural Bangladesh.”  (Nov - Dec 21)
  3. Worked as a Research Assistant in a project of Chittagong University of Research and Higher Study Society, and assisted in data collection through (online based structured) social survey. (Oct - Nov  20)
  4. Worked as a Social Media Manager in Youth Centre for Research and Action (YCRA) and launched two research courses within 70 participants; assisted as a course coordinator of a research course, and Coordinated 05 research and higher study-related webinars. (May - Sep 20)
  5. Worked as a Freelance Writer in Lecture Publications Limited, and wrote about 50 chapters of 20 Hons and Degree level academic notebooks (guides). (Dec 17 - Mar 20)
  6. Worked as a Vice President (Debate) in Social Work Debating Club (SWDC), Jagannath University, where managed official (IT-related) tasks; and coordinated an inter-semester debate competition. (Jul 19 - Jul 20)
  7. Worked as an Apprentice Social Worker in the Department of Social Welfare, BIRDEM General Hospital where conducted 10 case studies from diabetic patients; wrote about 60 case histories and dealt with the psycho-socio-economic condition of the clients; provided psycho-social support like counselling and guidance; and also assisted in managerial activities (data entry, scheduling, and reviewing). (Sep-Dec 19)


  1. Pursuing MSS (Thesis) in Social Work, Jagannath University, Dhaka of 2020.
  2. Passed BSS (Hons) in Social Work from Jagannath University, Dhaka with CGPA: 3.55 (Out of 4.00) [Jointly 4th Position] in 2019, and also conducted a research project and completed an internship program.
  3. Passed HSC (Humanities) from Nawab Fayzunnesa Govt. College under Cumilla board with GPA: 4.08 (Out of 5.00) in 2013.
  4. Passed SSC (Humanities) from Laksam Pilot High School under Cumilla board with GPA: 4.75 (Out of 5.00) and a board scholarship in 2013. 


  1. Awarded as a ‘Best Organizer’ from Youth Centre For Research and Action (YCFRA) in 2019 for working in the seminar 'Research Career in Bangladesh and Global Perspectives' where ensured around 400 participants.


  1. Participated as a Debater in Inter-semester Debate Competition-2020, which is organized by Social Work Debating Club (SWDC) at Jagannath University on Feb 20, 20 
  2. Participated in the Poster Presentation, Organized by BLAST (PRiTIE Project) at Jagannath University on Feb 09, 20  


  1. Attended a 'Webinar on Research Paper Writing for the Beginners' by TENhub (Abroad Educare) on Nov 12, 21 
  2. Joined in 'Digital Masterclass on Thesis Writing' by Bangladesh Scholarship Squad on Jan 8-22, 21 
  3. Attended in 'A Complete Guideline to Write & Publish Scientific Papers' by MBSTU Science Club on Jan 15, 21 
  4. Completed 'Research Methodology Course' by Liberation War Museum, Agargoan, Dhaka on Dec 4-31, 21 
  5. Completed 'How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper' by Coursera (e-Learning Platform) on Dec 4, 20
  6. Completed 'Data Analysis with SPSS' by Bohubrihi Online Courses on Oct 17, 20 
  7. Attended 'Research Methodology & Scientific Paper Writing' by Dhaka University Science Society on Mar 14, 20 
  8. Attended 'Research Methodology' by DISC International on Nov 23, 19 
  9. Participated in 'Basic Research Methodology Course' by Youth Centre For Research and Action (YCFRA) on Oct 25 and Nov 01, 19 
  1. Completed Courses by BYLCx (e-learning platform) in 2020  
  • Emotional Intelligence (Certificate ID: 65168) 
  • Growth Mindset (Certificate ID: 65269)  
  • Business Communication Hacks (Certificate ID: 65228)  
  • Storytelling in the 21st Century Certificate ID: 65550
  1. Completed Courses by Muktopaath (e-learning platform) in 2019-20
  • Communication Skills (ID: MC-ZY398618L133O)
  • CV Writing (ID: MC-W139621P2428055T147G) 
  • Interview Skills (ID: MC-R139621Y2428058V149O) 
  • Public Speaking (ID: MC-OO82748L50P) 
  • Microsoft Word Basics (ID: MC-H139621I2428027H150N) 
  • Microsoft Excel Basics (ID: MC-W139621O404749O152E) 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Basics (ID: MC-E139621E2428035B151A)
  1. Completed Courses by LinkedIn Learning in 2018 
  • Writing a Research Paper 
  • Office for Students  
  • Word 2016 Essential Training 
  • PowerPoint 2016 Essential Training 

Professional Skills


Public Health
Environmental Justice
Community/Social Services
üHuman Rights


  1. Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossen, Dept. of Social Work, Jagannath University, Dhaka. President, JNUTA. Phone:  (+880) 1939 050 966. Email: ahossen2001@yahoo.com
  2. Md. Jafar Iqbal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Social Work, Jagannath University, Dhaka. Phone:  (+880) 01876 893 676. Email: jafordu@gmail.com

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