Qualities, Scope/Fields & Problems of Social Case Work Practice in Bangladesh

Qualities, Scope/Fields & Problems of Social Case Work Practice in Bangladesh

A caseworker tries to find out problem- & problem-solving process through the active participation of the client. For this, a caseworker should possess the following qualification-

§  Keep ability to understand the nature & significance of the problem in the context of client’s personality, wishes and his strength & weakness.
§  Keep special skill to diagnose the problem of the       client in a shorter time through practicing the knowledge & views draws from sociology, psychology, physiology, economics & other behavioral science.
§  Keep special skill & experience to apply the techniques of casework in the treatment process by maintaining the social work values & ideas.
§  Keep ability to build-up a good rapport with the client through his own cordial mind, good attitude & behavior, sweet talk & speech so that the client feels free to share his dormant problem.
§  Keep ability to talk in accordance with the client’s language so that a cordial atmosphere is created for meaningful interaction with the client.
§  Keep ability to listen client’s problem with proper goodness, patience & sympathy and not urge the client to accept his likeness & dislikeness.
§  Keep ability to find out problem through the effective interview and should remain skill to record the problem of the client after the interview.
§  Keep ability to secret the information of the client. Because every client wants the privacy of information so that the other person cannot know about his personal details.
§  Keep ability to lead the framework of democratic ideals for energizing the client and display the false hope.
§  Keep a working relationship with other relevant   agencies as a social worker in the interest of profession.
§  Should possess self-awareness so that his picture don’t distort on the client’s personality.

1.     Lack of recognition of social work as a profession.

2.     Illiteracy & ignorance of people.

3.     Lack of skillful & professional caseworker.

4.     Lack of mutual understanding.

5.     Lack of good institutional system.

6.     Lack of publicity.

7.     Limitation of money.

8.     Problem to take interview.

9.     Complexity regarding values & norms.

10. Ancient mentality of people.

§  Medical social work

§  School social work.

§  Psychiatric social work.

§  Family planning.

§  Family & child welfare.

§  Centre for drug addiction treatment.

§  Rehabilitation for socially handicapped people.

§  Social security.

§  Youth unrest.

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