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About Us

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Social Work Education Care [SWEduCareBD] is a new learning window by sharing Social Sciences, Skills Development, Research & Innovation, Courses & Training, Jobs and Scholarships, and IoT contents. It started its journey in February 2017 and now providing services such as writing resumes, preparing assignments & presentations, and doing research work, including proposal writing, data collection, literature review, data analysis, and report writing with a minimum fee.

Moreover, this website is enriched by the various articles relevant to social work, psychology, sociology, political science, project management, social research, theories-models-approaches, & other social science disciplines. For educational purposes, all the contents are free for all & all the contents are presented by reviewing different articles from online journals, assignments, presentations, and relevant books.

The Authour & Founder 

Md. Mohinuddin

"This is Md. Mohinuddin is studying in social work at Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; and have excellence & interest in blogging, social research, psycho-social problems analysis, teamwork, project management & leadership."

"He always tries to understand and realize the specific proximity and its shortcomings; analysis a problem under multi-disciplinary approach and its beneficial or better solution. On the other hand, he is from a social work background. His ultimate goal is concerned with social welfare services, especially for backward, vulnerable, exploited, distress and socially isolated groups, to keep pace with the societal trends by adaptation & social adjustment techniques. He also believes that there will be no discrimination or complexity in the society if there is an equal opportunity and good governance."


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Academia: https://jagannath.academia.edu/mohinuddin4all

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Md-Mohinuddin


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E-mail: sweducarebd@gmail.com

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Md. Mohinuddin

Authour & Founder

Social Work Education Care [SWEduCareBD]

Masters Student, Social Work,

Jagannath University, Dhaka