Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Social Work Education Care [SWEduCareBD] is a new learning window by sharing Social Sciences, Skills Development, Research & Innovation, Courses & Training, Jobs and Scholarships, and IoT contents. It started its journey in February 2017 and now providing services such as writing resumes, preparing assignments & presentations, and doing research work, including proposal writing, data collection, literature review, data analysis, and report writing with a minimum fee.

Moreover, this website is enriched by the various articles relevant to social work, psychology, sociology, political science, project management, social research, theories-models-approaches, & other social science disciplines. For educational purposes, all the contents are free for all & all the contents are presented by reviewing different articles from online journals, assignments, presentations, and relevant books.

“Any opinions and views that are expressed here are purely individual opinions.”

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Md. Mohinuddin

Authour & Founder

Social Work Education Care [SWEduCareBD]

Masters Student, Social Work,

Jagannath University, Dhaka