Social Action and Objectives of Social Action

Social Action and Objectives of Social Action

Introduction :
Social work as a profession is a product of this century. Although its roots are well established in history from the time when people 1st began to take responsibility for their neighbors through activities which were called charity, poor relief, philanthropy and social reform.

Social Work as a scientific helping profession applies methods like Social Case work, Social Group Work, Community organization, Social Action, Social Welfare Administration and Social Work Research. In social work practice settings, Social workers co-ordinate all the methods of Social work among Social action is very important

Social action :
It’s an organized group process solving general social problems & furthering social welfare objectives by legislative, social, health or economic progress. The term social action refers to organized & legally permitted activities designed to mobiles public opinion, legislation & public administration in favour of objectives believed to be socially desirable.

The profession of social work has looked at the human environment situation through the remedial lens of the primary methods for long. Such a view was based on certain assumptions about human problems prevailing in the first quarter of the 20 century. The perception then was that there were certain individuals who were in need; that there were those who required leisure time engagements through associations and groups, and also those who needed better community services through coordination and cooperation.

The methods which were evolved to address these larger groups were called social case-work, social group work and community organization in the professional literature. They qualified for inclusion in the primary category on the basis of above assumptions. Other methods were thought to be supportive to them were relegated to the secondary category. Further in the development of the profession of social work, the human situation was looked at more in compartments and clients were seen as fitting into one or the other method rather than the real need which was felt for them by the professionals.

According to Siddiqui, Welfare approach is gradually wearing off and the contradictions in democratic system underline the need for new alternatives. According to him this is the most controversial and most challenging method.
Social work as a profession has its core values as social justice and equality. Social Action is the method advocated to achieve this.

According to W.A.Friedlander, Social Action may be defined as an organized team effort with the aim of securing social progress and solving mass social reform by influencing social legislation or the administration of social service.

Social action aims at bringing about desirable changes to ensure social progress. Crating awareness about social problems, mobilizing resources, encouraging different ‘sections of people to raise their voice against undesirable practices, and also creating pressure to bring about legislation are some of the activities of the social workers using the method of social action. It seeks to achieve a proper balance between community needs and solutions mainly through individual and group initiatives and self-help activities.

Objectives of Social Action

1.Reduction of Discrimination : In our society there are diverse forms of social discrimination such Gender discrimination , Economic discrimination , Cultural Discrimination, Social discrimination and Class diversity for this why various types of Psycho-social problems (Social mal-adjustment, disparity, frustration, ) occur and to remove all these problems is needed social action.

2.Emancipatin of deprived , downtrodden : Who are deprived or downtrodden , They mostly fail to social functioning and for various types of social inequality, injustice and discrimination. So to emancipate them from exploitation and oppression, repression , Social action is needed.

3.Building awareness among mass people : By social action process, Social workers try to make understand among mass people with various types of social problems and make them conscious about these problems.

4.Building the field of Social Policies for the betterment and change in adjusting social policies : By this process , Social workers try to make change in policy planning , make the suitable field for social policies and modify the existing social policies.

5.Building social change from unexpected situation : Unexpected situation like social injustice, immorality, mischievous, miscreants, drugs abuse, racism , violence, unfair labours and so on. By the social action process , social workers try to build a change from these unexpected situation.

6.Form new laws and change unusual existing change : Social action tries to form new policies, laws and pressurise administration and gov’t to form new laws and modify existing laws in favour to mass people.

7.Rising public opinion against harmful customs, rules and institutions : It’s the most fundamental process of Social Action to rise or gather public opinion by posters, festoons, seminars, meeting , symposiums, conferences, miking , dramas , TV shows, Ads etc. against harmful customs, rules and institutions.

8.Solving social problems : Social problems are like Poverty , drugs abuse, dowry, abortion, human trafficking, illiteracy, stress, violence, crimes, unemployment, child labour, eve-teasing, woman oppression, exploitation, maladjustment, inequality, injustice, maldistribution etc. The main goal and objective of social action is solving social problems by social awareness, public opinion, forming and modifying laws etc.

9.Social and economic development : The process of social action is to establish social (health, education, human resources, sanitation, hygiene, justice, environment) and economic (employment, creativity, banking system, market, road and transports, entrepreneurship, trade and commerce) development.

Conclusion :
Social action aims at making the programmes of development and welfare more functional for their respective clientele than any other method could do. In procuring the welfare services that are their due or in the claims for their right to develop, the method can be very effective.

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