Elements, Process and Features of Community Development

Elements, Process and Features of Community Development

Elements of Community Development

Þ    Active participation against unhealthy social taboos and social isolation
Þ    Development of self-esteem, sympathy, empathy and confidence building
Þ    Creative thinking and practical action
Þ    Social adjustment and mutual support
Þ    Involvement in the theory and practice of community development
Þ    Mobilising funds to meet emerging needs
Þ    Identification of priority areas by the community.

Components of Community Development

Community development covers a wide range of activities and programmes. These differ from one community to the other, and depend on the priorities, issues, plan, problems and solutions of a community. The following are the major components of community development:
Ø  Child development programmes
Ø  Adolescent development programmes
Ø  Youth development programmes
Ø  Women development programmes
Ø  Welfare of the senior citizens
Ø  Health and family welfare programmes
Ø  Family life education
Ø  Agricultural and allied activities
Ø  Co-operative Service Society
Ø  Education
Ø  Communication

Effective Community Development Should Be

ü  A long-term endeavour
ü  Well-planned
ü  Inclusive and equitable
ü  Holistic and integrated into the bigger picture
ü  Initiated and supported by community members
ü  Benefit to the community
ü  Grounded in experience that leads to best practices

Community Development Is A Grassroots Process 

o   Become more responsible
o   Organize and plan together
o   Develop healthy lifestyle options
o   Empower themselves
o   Reduce poverty and suffering
o   Create employment and economic opportunities
o   Achieve social, economic, cultural and environmental goals
Community development seeks to improve quality of life. Effective community development results in mutual benefit and shared responsibility among community members.

Such development recognizes:-
a)     the connection between social, cultural, environmental and economic matters
b)     the diversity of interests within a community
c)     its relationship to building capacity
Community development helps to build community capacity in order to address issues and take advantage of opportunities, find common ground and balance competing interests. It doesn’t just happen – capacity building requires both a conscious and a conscientious effort to do something (or many things) to improve the community.

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