NTRCA College Written Syllabus of Social Work

  1. Definition, objectives, history and scope of modern Social Welfare and Social work. Religious teachings and Welfare-Islam, Hinduism. Buddhism- Christianity.
  2. Nature of social work in pre and post-industrial society with special reference to lndo-Pak-Bangladesh sub-continent.
  3. Industrial Revolution and its impact on social life: the emergence of new social problems and social services.
  4. Basic human needs: Food, clothing, shelter, health, education and their bearing on human life and welfare, with special reference to Bangladesh.
  5. Major social evils and social problems in Bangladesh: poverty, unemployment, ill-health, beggary, over-population, illiteracy, drug addiction, crime and delinquency, slum and urban problems, family violence, child labour, gender discrimination, immoral trafficking, their causes, effects and remedies.
  6. The constitutional guarantee of social welfare and social security in Bangladesh, Social welfare in the national five-year plans of Bangladesh
  7. Definition, scope, principles and significance of Social Case work, Social Group Work- Community Organization and Community Development.
  8. Social Case work as a problem-solving process its elements, steps methods and significance of Rapport.
  9. Social Group Work. Community Organization and Community Development as a problem solving process: its elements, steps, methods and importance. Definition and role of Social Administration. Social Research and Social Action in promoting Social Welfare in Bangladesh.
  10. Significance of Social legislations to bring about Social reforms in Bangladesh.
  11. Some national NGOs and international agencies working in Bangladesh: Their composition, role, contribution and future prospects in national development: BRAC, Grameen Bank, Proshika, ADAB, Bangladesh Diabetic Association. Bangladesh Probin Hitoishi Shangha, CARE, World Vision, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

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