Factors Affecting in Juvenile Delinquency

Factors Affecting in Juvenile Delinquency

è Physical Factors:
  Lack of sleep.
  Developmental aberrations.
  Sensory defects.
  Speech defects.
  Endocrine disorders.
  Nervous diseases.
  Other ailments.
  Physical exuberance.
  Drug addiction.
  Effect of weather.

è  Mental Factors:
Mental defect.
Superior intelligence.
Psychopathic constitution (including emotional instability).
Abnormalities of instinct and emotion.
Uneven mental development.
Obsessive imagery and imagination.
Mental conflicts.
Repression and substitution.
Inferiority complex.
Introversion and egocentrism.
Revengefulness (get-even complex).
Lethargy and laziness.
Adolescent emotional instability.
Sex habits and experiences.
Habit and association.

è  Home Conditions:
  Unsanitary conditions.
  Material deficiencies.
  Excess in material things.
  Poverty and unemployment.
  Broken homes.
  Mental and physical abnormalities of parents, or siblings.
  Immoral and delinquent parents.
  Ill-treatment by foster parents, step-parents, or guardians.
  Stigma of illegitimacy.
  Lack of parental care and affection.
  Lack of confidence and frankness between parents and children.
  Deficient and misdirected discipline.
  Unhappy relationship with siblings.
  Bad example.
  Foreign birth or parentage.
  "Superior" education of children

è  School Conditions: 
  Inadequate school building and equipment.
  Inadequate facilities for recreation.
  Rigid and inelastic school system, "the goose-step."
  Poor attendance laws and lax enforcement.
  Wrong grading.
  Unsatisfactory teacher.
  Undesirable attitude of pupil towards teacher.
  Bad school companions and codes of morals.

è  Neighborhood Conditions:
  Lack of recreational facilities.
  Congested neighborhood and slums.
  Disreputable morals of the district.
  Proximity of luxury and wealth.
  Influence of gangs and gang codes.
  Loneliness, lack of social outlets.
  Overstimulating movies and Show

è  Occupational Conditions:
  Irregular occupation.
  Occupational misfit.
  Spare time and idleness.
  Factory influences.
  Monotony and restraint.
  Decline in the apprenticeship system

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