Community Organization and Development: Differences and Scope

Distinction Between Community Organisation and Community Development

There are many similarities between a community organization and community development. But for theoretical purposes, it is possible to differentiate between a community organization and community development. 

a) Community organization is a method of social work, while community development is a programme for a planned change send development. 

b) Community organization emphasizes the process, but community development emphasizes the end or goals. 

c) Community organizers are primarily social workers and social change agents. But community development personnel can be from other professions, including agricultural experts, veterinary experts, and other technical experts. 

d) Community organization is not time-bound. It is achieved step by step according to the pace of the people. But community development is time-bound, and time is specified for achieving the development objectives. 

e) In community organizations, people's participation is essential. But in community development, people's development is more important. 

f) In community organizations, the assistance provided by the government and external agencies is not a critical factor. But in community development, external help from the government or other agencies is considered necessary. 

g) Community organization is a method of social work, and this method is used in many fields. But unlike community organization, community development is considered a process, a method, a programme, and a movement for planned change. 

h) Community organization is used in all the fields. Still, community development is most relied upon in the context of economic growth and for enhancing people's living standards. 

i) In community organization, planning is undertaken by the people, but community development is mainly carried out by an external agency mostly belonging to the government. 

j) In community organizations, people are organized to solve their problems, but in community development, goals have to be achieved, and it is for this purpose that people are organized. 

k) Community organization is universal to all communities. Still, community development programmes differ from person to person depending upon whether the area is rural, urban or tribal, as also other characteristics of the area. 

Thus, even though there are differences, both community development and community organization are interrelated. The ideal community development takes place where the community organization method and its various steps and principles are effectively implemented.


Scope/Fields/Areas of community organization in Bangladesh

Ten major fields of community organization in Bangladesh are mentioned in the following: 

1.     Women Development;
2.     Human Resources Development;
3.     Poverty Alleviation;
4.     Rising the Community Feelings;
5.     Preservation of Community Interest and Solidarity;
6.     Fulfilment of basic human needs;
7.     Proper use of community resources;
8.     Increasing mutual interaction;
9.     Crime Controlling; and
10.   Removing social disorganization.

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Scope/Areas/Fields of Community Development in Bangladesh

Community development is the process by which community members collaborate to enhance civil society by prioritizing the activities and viewpoints of communities in the formulation of social, economic, and environmental policies. Community development professionals assist communities in effecting social change and enhancing the quality of life.

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Community development encourages members to take on greater responsibility, cultivate healthy lives, empower themselves, and alleviate poverty and economic opportunity. Community work concentrates on specific geographic areas, emphasizing recognizing their needs, issues, and methods. It can also be narrowed down to a particular place to identify a person's or region's difficulties.

Ten Major fields of community development in Bangladesh are mentioned in the following: 

1.     Development of Agricultural and SME Sector;
2.     Expansion of Education and Alleviating Illiteracy;
3.     Development of Rural Infrastructure;
4.     Building Awareness about Social Capital and Social Development;
5.     Building Development of Co-operative Societies;
6.     Leadership and Empowerment;
7.     Health and Nutrition;
8.     Social Services and Social Welfare;
9.     Partnership Rural Development; and
10.   Development of Slum.

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