Limitation of Field Practicum in Bangladesh

Limitation of Field Practicum in Bangladesh

Client-oriented limitation
Client and client system are the most important part of fieldwork practice. The common problem of fieldwork practice which is related to clients is given below.
·        Lack of knowledge about social work
·        Delivering fake information
·        Client unconscious

Agency related limitation
The agency plays an important role in fieldwork practice. There is no scope to ignore the agencies role in fieldwork practice. Though agency plays a vital role. It has some limitation these are given below.
·        Lack of social work knowledge by agency supervisor
·        Lack of training
·        Lack facilities (e.g. honorarium)
·        Absence of supervisory conference
·        Involvement of student in office work
·        Lack of proper supervision

Student related limitation
·        The placement problem (haven’t chance of choosing agency)
·        Long-distance
·        No scope of concurrent fieldwork
·        Adaptation problem

Recommendations to overcome these limitations
To overcome these limitations some necessary steps can be taken. Such as
Professional recognition of social work
·        Provision for Training
·        Establishment of separate social laboratory
·        Specific working hour
·        Formulation of universal guideline for field practicum
·        Arrangement of joint supervisory conferences.

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