Supervision and Coordination of Social Welfare Services in Bangladesh

Social Work Agency and Supervision/Department of Social Services (DSS)/Ministry of Social Welfare (MoSW)

In Bangladesh, social welfare or social service activities are conducted at the government and private levels. The Ministry of Social Welfare is currently responsible for coordinating social welfare programs. Under it, the Department of Social Services mainly carries out the implementation and coordination of government social welfare activities. Outside the Department of Social Services, there are various rules and regulations for government social welfare, autonomous and non-governmental or space social welfare programs, such as the Registration and Control of Voluntary Organizations Ordinance 1961, which play an essential role in integrating social welfare programs.

Department of Social Services (DSS)

The most essential and primary social welfare organisation under the Ministry of Social Welfare. This organisation is responsible for coordinating all social welfare programs, government or non-government. A director-general is the administrative head of the organisation. The Director-General conducts and coordinates all social welfare activities at the national level. In addition to the Director-General, the Department of Social Services has three directors, three additional directors, eight deputy directors and assistant directors and other officers and employees.


 In 1974, on the recommendation of the Administrative Restructuring Committee, the Social Welfare Department under the Ministry of Social Welfare was upgraded to the Department of Social Services. At present, the activities of the Department of Social Services have been extended to the whole country.

The project council coordinates social welfare programs at the local or project level. It is performed in two ways;

  1. The City Project Council coordinates activities conducted under the City Social Services (USS).
  2. The activities conducted under Grameen Sarajevan are coordinated by Upazila Sarajevan Samovar Parishad. Social service officers play a vital role at the project level in this.

Department of Youth Development and Youth Welfare Council: These organisations coordinate the programs taken for youth welfare.

Social Work Agency and Supervision

Identify the social agencies that have been mentioned in the Social Work Dictionary is that "Social Agency is an organisation of facility that delivers social service under the auspices of a board of directors and is usually staffed by the human services personnel. The board members set overall policy, and administrators coordinate activities to carry out those policies. The organisation has explicit bylaws that determine which clients to serve, what problems to combat, and what methods to use.


Examples of social welfare organisations are social security offices, hospitals, community service centres, family planning societies etc.

The Social Work Dictionary says about administrative supervision in social welfare organisations-administratively, supervision often assigns cases to the most appropriate social worker, discusses the assessment and intervention plan and reviews the social workers' ongoing contact with the client.

Supervision plays an educational role in social welfare organisations. According to the Social Work Dictionary, "Educationally, supervision is geared toward helping the social worker better understand social work philosophy and agency policy, become more self-aware, know the agency's and community's resources establish activity priorities and refine knowledge and skill. In a real sense, supervision is essential in a social welfare organisation. Its fundamental purpose is to achieve the main goal of the organisation through increasing the skills of the staff and improving the quality of work.

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