Concept of Social Problem and Causes,Attitude,Types,Control of Social Problem

Concept of Social Problem and Causes,Attitude,Types,Control of Social Problem

There is no universal, clear cut, constant, or absolute definition of what constitutes a social problem. Rather, social problems are defined by a combination of objective and subjective criteria that vary across societies, among individuals and groups within a society, and across historical time periods.
Social problems is a condition that was born from a society that is not an ideal situation. That is, as long as a society still found the unmet needs of society equally, then the social problems will always exist. In a heterogeneous society like in Bangladesh will certainly encountered a lot of social problems. 

v  According to Arnold Rose “ A Social Problem may be defined as a situation which  has influenced a good majority of people. i.e.., they believe that this situation itself is responsible for their difficulties or displeasures which may be removed”
v  According to International Encyclopedia of the social sciences, Vol-14 “ social problem are described most simply as perplexing  questions about human societies proposed for solutions. Social problem are part of the climate of opinion in society which enters on expressed needs for public  policies and anticipated requirements for social control”.
v  The social Work Dictionary Defines Social Problem as- “Conditions among people leading to social responses that violets some people values and norms and cause emotional or economic suffering.

¢ Types of Social Problems
Social problems encountered in the community are usually very diverse. However, the fact that diversity of social problems can be categorized into four main factors, namely as follows.
- Economic factors, usually in the form of poverty, unemployment, Beggary, Dependency and so on.
- Cultural factors, usually in the form of divorce, juvenile delinquency, Over population, Communal Conflict and so on. 
       -Biological factors, usually in the form of infectious diseases, food poisoning, and so on.
- Psychological factors, usually in the form of neurological disease, a cult, Frustration, Suicide and so on. 

Attitudes Towards Social Problem
v  Indifference
v  Fatalistic Resignation
v  Cynicism
v  Religious Retribution
v  Sentimentalism
v  Social Scientific Attitude

Causes of Social Problem in Bangladesh
q Social Change
q Natural Disaster
q Overpopulations
q Political Turmoil
q Unequal Distribution of Wealth and Opportunity
q  Illiteracy
q Social Ill-Health
q Cultural Lag and Cultural Conflict ( Satellite Culture)
q Unplanned Urbanization and Industrialization
q Values Conflict and so on.

Control of Social Problem
q  Social Research
q  Legal Control
q  Change in Behavior
q  Social Policy and Planning
q  Use and Engagement of Experts
q  Religion and Moral Education
q  Equal Distribution of Wealth and Opportunity
q   Social Prognosis

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