Bangladesh Human Rights Commission-BHRC

Bangladesh Human Rights Commission-BHRC

Bangladesh Human Rights Commission-BHRC is one of the largest Voluntary International human rights and peace bodies in Asian Region working against torture and for the preservation, promotion and upholding of human rights/peace with over thousand branches in home and abroad. BHRC registered by the Government of Bangladesh and established in 1987 as per charter of UN bill of rights. It is accredited with United Nations & Government of United States of America (USA) and Affiliated Status with the International Commission of Jurists- ICJ. It is also member body of OMCT/SOS Torture Network (Geneva) and Member with Observer Status of African Commission on Human & Peoples Rights. BHRC is affiliated with many other national and international bodies.

The BHRC has been providing legal assistance and advice to about 5 lac people annually concerning violation of human rights in Bangladesh and overseas. There are over 1 lac regular activists in the country who are carrying out these activities purely on voluntary basis. In personal life these people are Educationists, Lawyers, Newsmen, Teachers, Physicians and Social Workers.

The BHRC has been carrying out its jobs to the distressed people for the last 30 years. BHRC, since its inceptions, has been working for the protection of human rights irrespective of class, race, tribes, religion and other sorts of discriminations.

The BHRC identified people’s ignorance about their own rights to be the root cause for many of their sufferings. Keeping it in mind, BHRC renders legal training to the people. It also gives free legal aid to the poor, the oppressed and the dispossessed who are victims of injustice, illegal detention, harassment etc. specially to promote the administration of justice and the Rule of Law.

The BHRC also feels the need for changes in the enactment of law, which are inconsistent with basic Human Rights.

BHRC believes that poverty is one of the main reasons of rapid violation of human rights. Therefore BHRC in co-operation with its sister organization, The Institute of Rural Development (IRD), has been working for alleviating poverty through some self-employment programmes.

§  The BHRC sets the following objectives for realizing its goals.
§  To take direct action against torture by involving administration, creating public opinion through publicity in press and other media.
§  To spread legal literacy, education and knowledge among the poor people;
§  To conduct and promote research in the areas of law relating to Human Rights, removal of poverty and promotion of economic and social uplift to the weaker and less fortunate sections of the society;
§  To suggest reforms leading to removal of social injustices;

§  To address the relevant authorities for immediate redress of the violations of human rights;

Functions of BHRC
The BHRC deals with human rights in the following ten of its programme divisions:
1.    Legal Aid Programme for victims of torture.
2.    Medical aid programme for victims of torture.
3.    Legal Literacy and publication Programme.
4.    Investigation and Fact Finding Programme.
5.    Protecting Minority/Tribal Rights Programme.
6.    Research Programme.
7.    Urgent Action Programme.
8.    Legal Training Programme.
9.    Election Monitoring Programme.
10.  Disaster Management Programme.

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