Scope of Social (Field) Work Practice

Scope of Social (Field) Work Practice

Medical Social Work: Medical social work is one of the fields in Bangladesh that applies for social work in providing services to the clientele. In a medical setting, especially in hospitals social worker have a vital role to playA social worker works as a member of the medical team and actively participate in every stage of the treatment process, treatment plan, discharge plan, post-discharge follow-up and social rehabilitation of the patient.

Educational Institution: Educational institute is included with fieldwork in social work education. The students of social work are completed their task at a formal and informal educational institution. For example, students completed their field practicum at UCEF Bangladesh.

Correctional Service: Patients are provided after completing correction. Any act against the law, constitution or custom of the society is officeAnd the offender must be punished according to the law. But punishment is not the solutionThe offenders should give a chance to resolve their offensive mind so that they can be mentally prepared not to do some mistakes. This is called a correction In social work words no man born as an offender, they become an offender as the impact of social environment So the social workers make a positive environment in which they can overcome their problems with ethical values, which is called correctional service. The agencies take all liabilities of the offenders. Social workers communicate constantly with the client. They do not show the professional relationship with the client rather than showing a friendly relationship. The clients are taught some moral values so that they can keep them away from offence .To solve the problems gradually is the main aim of correctional services.

Old Home: Old home is the place of an old man where they can live and feel safe. This, type organization is established for reducing social, mental and economic problems of them. As an apparent social worker, students completed their field practicum at 3 types of the institute. It is also included with field practicum.

Women and Child Welfare Service: Now a days women and child welfare are considered as a very important sector of social developmentMany governments and NGOs are formed for the welfare of the women and child. Social worker plays an important role in women child development by attending fieldwork in relevant agenciesWhich agencies work for women development, most of them work to rebuilt conjugal relationship, women empowerment, control divorce prevents dowry system, ensure legal aid to women etc.

Drug Addiction Cure Center: There are government and private drug addiction cure centre in this country. In this centre, drug-addicted people can get proper treatment for leading a normal life. The students of social work are engaged in this centre for field practicum. So this organization is included with social work practice.

Social work with family: Social work with family is a common specialization offered by most of the schools of social work at home and abroad. This specialized field also includes child welfare in many cases. The specialization of family social work is often considered very important in each society and culture. It is , therefore, the considerable number of public and private social welfare agencies have been established in many countries for offering multiple services to the suffering families. One of the major objectives of family social work is to help each individual member of the family for attaining harmonious relationships so that individual and the family could be rescued from the situation of disorganization.

Psychiatric social work: The application of the specialization on psychiatric social work is, in fact, nonexistent in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the field of mental health is almost ignored and the kind of services rendered to the people with mental illness is extremely poor and inadequate in the country. In most cases of mental illness the common people are forced to practice superstitions and prejudices due to non-availability of proper treatment nearby. Only a few affluent can avail the opportunity of taking treatment from some hospitals or private clinics located in big cities. The treatment is also expensive which the poor cannot afford. Since psychiatric social work is considered as an important component of treatment, especially for those with mental disorders and mental deficiency, mental health department needs.


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