Statistical Status of Life

If you want to make your life better and indelible within the short inch of life, Okay, fine, then enjoy and make the brief period irredeemable but should follow the range to the upper and the lower limit of life concerning the interval or that will make your life to deviation. Dipping in enjoyment, never forget your existence and backdrop of living. There's always have a correlation and regression within your emotional hypothesis (freeness and open-ended personality).

This enjoyment will show you the graphics (a graphical representation of past data) as the aftermath and make you awake and this anxiety or stress will anguish you the whole life. Seriously, Today's good work (a wellbeing action) will give you mental satisfaction at the late period of life and an unsocial, unethical, evil deed (deviant behaviour) will make you elderly before reaching that period. 

According to Newton's third law, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." So, it may have occurred that Today's happiness, relaxation and making love will lead you to deep dark and obscurity. By the way, never forget your family and people who care you about always and the situation may make a variance in your life rather attitudes towards these people should be kept accordingly. It would be best if you kept it up that, what are you going to write in the water, it will vanish after a simple wave. But life is a web of lotta relationships and friendship. The metaphorical example is that Living together never lasts long, there are also happens complications, distance and ending by separation or marriage.

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