Relationship Status | Significance in Women’s Life

Relationship Status | Significance in Women’s Life

Relation means a connection between two or more variables. If we would like to talk about relation between male and female / man and woman then it indicates us Emotional or Psychological and Physiological Attachment. It also refers to the heart related vibration / connection.

Relationship means the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. A relationship is based on mutual knowing, understanding, feelings and emotion sharing, hormonal interchanging, and mostly immature emotion and physiological demand etc. Moreover, Relationship status demands that either you are single or in a relationship, and this relationship may be as Girl Friend/ Boy Friend, Marital Relationship, Supportive Relationship, Enjoying Relationship and other types of affairs etc.

Here, some relationship develops on the purpose of emotional immaturation, greediness, used mentality and transitory love feelings where some groups think about future and some think about the instant pleasure. But there's a group who is labeled by "Just Friend"- Where everything is valid in the shadow of Friendship and There's arising a question how it's basically developing, Then I've an observation to share, (Like minded persons or friends both male and female gathered for various purposes - here males are playing immense role to motivate (females/women) and deviate to them by offering to plan a tour, to go out for a day or hours, to have a lunch / diner and make knowledge about friendship. Besides, they are heavily concerned about group member's birthday, _day, _day, and ensure gathering in all types of social gatherings. Here many things are happening and no one is prepared, thus they become more dependent or connected because of their privacy hacking. Sometimes it longs to future life and in some cases to unto hons / masters and professional life. But they never forget about their early experiences.)

A real relationship changes your life entirely, if there's no changes then it's meant you are being used completely. Generally, a real partner always takes care of his better half and motivates her to change and modify the present status like attitude, lifestyle, personality, movement and also way of thinking.

In this relationship cases, who are mostly benefited? Exactly the male/men because they can manage themselves somehow and I believe that a man never loves only a single girl/woman/female instead of more though they are untouchable or matter of feelings/ crush. Most of cases, males/men are serious influencer but they become Micky mouse when the question is raised to marry the earlier partner. Many subterfuges, many obligations and many complexities are seen then. After a long journey man are moved to real status of life (professional arena) that means a prestigious job to set up his life and fulfill the obligations of family.

Here, Girls/Females/Women get badly traumatized and distressed because everybody will talk about the virginity of them. After the marriage she has to face different types of misconception and earlier course of action will remind her. By the way, one day she commits to suicide when she’s meant as valueless and helpless. Actually, Suicide means deception with your life & expressing your weakness not to handle your Fear, Depression, Negative Perceptions & Reality that means You are actually feared to face your own life perfectly. So, Friends I can say that Suicide is never a solution nor should it be an option. You are beloved, 💕let it sink into your soul.

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